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Inverted Vee Hull

The inverted vee hull form is excellent for applications where a combination of shoal draft, large load carrying ability, and speed are all important.

The first few of those we built had lines quite close to the original Hickman sea sled which was developed prior to WW I. The hull was very successful performer, deemed by the owners to be the best boats in the Great Salt Lake. The hull form had considerable success from before WWI up through the ‘60’s. Hickman was not noted for catering to the US Navy’s desires. Some years back in a survey article he was described as “an arrogant bastard”. Nonetheless some 6,000 of Hickman’s small 17 foot outboard version were built. (One is in the Mystic Museum in CT). The shape of the hull made it difficult to plank in wood, or to plate in metal. We have modified the shape for ease of construction, and we believe for better performance. We can also vary the length to beam ratio and beam to depth ratio to a greater extent than the original Hickman lines.

Of the 8 IV’s we have built, the last carried the inverted vee aft to the transom. It worked well with twin engines, but not with a single engine, and would not have worked well with the triple engines installed on the first 5. These hulls are fast, sea kindly, and carry a large load. This boat which is used as a fire/rescue boat by Sikorsky Aircraft, Stratford, CT., is described as being an excellent boat which rides well, maneuvers, well, and takes rough Long Island Sound water well. Initially designed as a fire boat, it has proven to be a good rescue boat.

With exception of the 24 foot Sikorsky boat listed, none of the IV hulls had bow doors, and therefore are not classified as L/C’s; however, they certainly could be so equipped.

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